Prospective Shippers:

Please Keep in Mind that for items purchased at Direct Auction Galleries, the responsibility of Getting items shipped from Our Auction House to You Belongs to You, the Buyer, not to Direct Auction Galleries. We only In-House Ship Simple Items. Many Items will need to be Shipped via a Third Party. Those items denoted as "Third-Party Shipping Required" will be marked us such in the Auction Catalogue, and on your Invoice. We encourage you to inform us by Telephone Regarding Shipping Arrangements for your Auction Items at 773-465-3300. Otherwise, email us at That Being Said, Here is our list of Local Shippers, in Order of Quality of Packing, Cost, Communication, Convenience, and Least Hassle:

1. UPS Store #6975 - Address: 308 S. Jefferson St., Chicago, IL 60661. Contact Name: Bob Yee. Email: - Notes: This UPS Store Seems to be the most Consistent in Terms of Least Breakage, Good Communication, and Best Overall Shipper. Bob is an Excellent Shipper, and Very Organized. He is Really Good at the Shipping of Paintings, but he Can Ship Most Smaller Items in an Expert Fashion (No Furniture, though). Check out his Store's 5-Star Reviews on We have had no Breakages or Complaints of any Kind out of about 100-200 Items Shipped Thus far. They are Shippers for Hindman Auctions as Well as Us. Bob is Best Reached by Email - don't Call him on the Phone, or He'll get mad at us.

2. Custom Crating & Logistics - Address: 742 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove, IL 60007. Phone: 312-866-3414 or 847-258-5530 Email: - These Folks Can do it All - Extremely Fragile Items, Items with Lots of Pieces, Bigger Jobs, Furniture and Large Items, and Simple Shipping as Well. They can Pick up from us as well. They have Done an Incredible Job thus far, and are Always on Point. We've heard nothing but Good Things about them.

For Large, Important Items that Cannot be Shipped by Conventional Means (Furniture and Heavy, Bulky Items) we highly recommend Navis Pack & Ship in Joliet, J & R Express Movers, and also Custom Crating and Logistics (See Info at #1 above). For Navis, Call George Tourville at 815-630-5673. Or Email Him at They are not Cheap, but their work is Very, Very High Quality. Our Best, Most Well-Heeled Customers Use Navis for Continental and Worldwide Transport of Large Items, and for Good Reason: They Do an Excellent Job. For J & R Express, Call Vinesha at 917-637-0450, or email her at Vinesha and Clay at J & R Express are out of New Jersey, and we're told they will go anywhere with your Furniture and Larger Items. They are Dependable Movers.

For Less Expensive, Less Important Items, you can try - Please keep in Mind that the Quality of Freight Shippers on Uship can vary Greatly, so Choose Carefully. Uship is Kind of Like the Uber of Freight Shipping.

We hope this Provides you with some Good Tips on Local Shippers. If you have any thoughts, Comments or Suggestions on Shippers from the 60645 area code, feel free to email us at Your Feedback is always Welcomed.

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