Auction of Real Estate and Children's Amusement Park!
Own your Very Own Amusement Park...!!!
- Deer Forest Fun Park and 17 Separate 1-Acre Parcels of Land -
6800 Indian Lane (Close by Paw Paw Lake)
Coloma, Michigan
Saturday, September 26th, 2009 - 2 P.M. Michigan (Eastern Time), 1 P.M. Central Time

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Order of Auction Sale:

(Items and information in this Listing Subject to Change Prior to Auction Sale)

Phase One:

Auction of Deer Forest Amusement Park as a Whole, Minus the Outlots & Personal Property. This Sale is Subject to a Minimum bid of $800,000. If the Minimum Bid is not Reached, all Assets of Deer Forest will be Sold Piece by Piece (but not the 20 Acres of Land on Which Deer Forest Rests).

Rides Include: Eli Ferris Wheel, Zamperelli Clown-Around Ride, Herschell Helicopter Ride, Herschell Boats in a Moat Ride, Herschell Horse & Chariot Merry Go Round, Little Dipper Vintage Roller Coaster, Chase Huntington Railroad Engine w/3 Cars & 1/2 Mile of Track. (See “Tilt-a-Whirl”under Phase Four).

Livestock Includes: 100 Fallow & Sikha Deer, 25 Red Deer, 4 Horses & Saddles, Several Ponies & Saddles, Highway the Hog, 2 Cows, 4 Potbelly Pigs, 7 Llamas, 1 Alpaca, 1 Mountain Lion, 2 Bobcats, 12 Barbados Sheep, 8 Goats, 6 Peacocks, Rabbits, Tortoise, Pr. Of Cockatoos, Pr. of Green Amazon Parrots (Talkers), Fox, Turkey, Pheasants, Snake, Iguanas, Hedgehogs & More.

Vehicles & Equipment Includes: Grain Bin, Horse Trailer, 2 E-Z Go Electric Golf Carts, Gator Utility Vehicle, Contents of Tool Shop, inc. Power Tools, Hand Tools, Weedeaters, etc.; More....

Phase Two:

Sale of 15 Parcels of Land, 50’ x 150’ Each, Adjoining Indian Lane, and Marquette Rd. These Sales are Subject to a Minimum bid of $5,000 Each. Also, Two Parcels of Land, 305’ x 150’, on Pine Court. These Sales are Subject to a Minimum bid of $20,000 Each. All Parcels are Zoned C.
Phase Three:

Sale of Rides, Livestock and Buildings Outlined in Phase One, Sold Piecemeal, in the Event the Minimum Bid is Not Reached on Deer Forest Amusement Park as a Whole. This Does not Include the 20+ Acres of Land on which Deer Forest Rests.
Phase Four:

Vehicles, Amusement Ride & Personal Property. Includes: Tilt-A-Whirl Ride (disassembled). 1937 Oliver Tractor, 1945 Oliver Tractor, 2 EZ Go Electric Golf Carts, 1 EZ Go Gas ATV w/Dump Bed, 40-Foot Mobile Home, 5 Coin-Op Kiddie Rides (Jeep, Helicopter, Frog, Horse & Musical 1-Seat Ferris Wheel), 1910 Railroad Engine, Photo Machine, Basketball Game, Balloon Machine, Skee Ball Games, Crane & Claw Game, 3 Moonwalk Inflatables, Air Compressors, Generators, 2 Wooden Cigar Store Indians, Fun House Mirror, Restaurant Equipment & Ice Cream Parlor Equipment & Furniture, 100 Picnic Tables, Large Fiberglass Rhino, Turtles & Frogs; Blues Brothers Life-Size Jake & Elwood Figures, Various Shop and Hand Tools, Sheds, Large Air Pump, Gas Pump, Vintage Wood Barrel Spray Rig, Train Memorabilia and Much, Much More!


There is No Sales Tax or Buyer's Premium for this Auction. A Refundable $200 Cash Deposit or Credit Card Imprint is Required to bid on Small Items or Personal Property; A $3,000 Cash, Cashier's Check, or Certified Check Deposit is Required to bid on the Rides; A $3,000 Cash, Cashier's Check or Certified Check Deposit is Required to bid on the 17 Smaller Parcels of Property. A $50,000 Cashier's Check or Certified Check Deposit is Required to bid on Deer Forest (as a Whole). For Winning Bidders of any of the Pieces of Real Property (Deer Forest or the 17 Parcels of Land), the Deposit will then become an earnest money non-refundable deposit, and will be applied toward the purchase price of the property or properties. 10% of the purchase price of any real property that is bought at auction must be paid on the Monday following the auction (The deposit is included in the 10%). The rest of the monies must be paid within 30 days of the auction (In other words, the closing for any of the properties must occur within 30 days, or any deposits or earnest money may be forfeited). Checks Should be Made out to "Direct Auction Galleries, Inc."...Buyers May need to be Qualified in Order to bid on Certain Zoo Animals.

Inspection Time: September 26th (Day of Sale), from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.

For More Information, Call Direct Auctioneers at 773-465-3300 or Gale Realty at 269-423-7240...To see the Amusement Park's website, with some of the Assets to be Sold, go to

This Auction will be Conducted Outdoors, So be Sure to Dress Appropriately for the Weather. Food and Drink will be Available in the Snack Shop...

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